Information for authors

Information for authors


The publication "STOMATOLOGIC MEDICINE" is a periodical edition with a scientific-didactic profile, in which scientific articles of fundamental and applicative value can be published in the field of dentistry of authors from the country and abroad, information on the latest news in dental science and practice, inventions and patents obtained, theses submitted, clinical case studies, opinions and reviews of books and magazines. In the publication "STOMATOLOGICAL MEDICINE" there are the following compartments: Theory and experiment, Organization and history, Dentistry-periodontology. OMF surgery and anesthesia, Dental prosthetics, Pediatric Dental Medicine, OMF prophylaxis, Implantology, General pathology, Reports and minicommunications, Thesis support, Opinions and reviews, Dental personalities.


The papers will be written in 2 languages: Romanian and English, Russian and English, which, (including tables, figures, bibliography) will not exceed 16 pages for a general report, 12 pages for an original research, 8 pages for a clinical case presentation, 1 page for a review, 1 page for a summary of a paper published abroad. In the journal "STOMATOLOGICAL MEDICINE" it is also accepted to publish the CVs of the famous personalities of the dentistry, congratulatory messages on the occasion of different anniversaries related to the dental activity, messages "In Memoriam", announcements regarding the unfolding of scientific manifestations in the dental field.  Paper set up: A4 (210 x 297), Margins Top 2 cm, Bottom 2 cm, Right 2 cm, Left 2 cm.


For articles in Romanian: Rezumat (in Romanian), Summary (in English).

For articles in Russian: Резюме (in Russian), Summary (in English) and Rezumat (in Romanian).

For articles in English: Summary (in English), Rezumat (in Romanian).



The introduction will synthetically present the necessity of the research carried out, scientifically arguing their opportunity. References will be made to the main flow of information and results of the researches in the field, citing in square brackets the number of the author (work) studied (s), as it appears in the Bibliography (the bibliography at the end of the paper). The text will be written in the next row after Introduction with TNR 12, justify.

Materials and methods

References will be made to the biological material used, the way of organizing the experiences, the databases used, the research period, the unit, the place, the area where they were carried out, the statistical working methods, the standard procedures used, etc. All of these must be clearly and synthetically described. The text will be written with TNR 12, justify.

Results and discussions

The results obtained from the research will be presented, in logical sequence to allow the reader to interpret the data correctly. The presentation of significant results must be accompanied by discussions, comments that refer to their scientific interpretation. Comparisons will be made with the results obtained by other authors in the studied literature. The text will be written with TNR 12, justify.

Tables, graphs, figures will be included in the text and written as follows:

For tables:

Tab. 1. followed by the title of the table, with TNR 10, italic, aligned center (align center). The text and figures in the table will be written with TNR 10, 8 or a smaller font size, depending on the situation, so that the figures remain all in one row. Each table must have order number and title.

For figures:

Below this figure will be written: Fig. 1, Fig. 2. FIG. 3. etc. followed by the title of the figure with TNR 10, italic, align center.

Each figure must have order number and title. Photos, drawings, diagrams and diagrams are considered figures.


We will pass the main ideas, conclusions, recommendations, etc., which are important after the research carried out. These will be written in line with justify, with TNR 12.


The bibliography studied will be passed as follows:

Bibliography with TNR 12, bold, left aligned, one row from the last row of conclusions.

Below the order number is passed and the works studied in alphabetical order of the first author's name are ordered.

They will be written with TNR 10, as follows:

In the case of books: the author's name and surname (in lower case), full title, publishing house, place of publication, year of appearance, number of pages.

Example: Coleman James, Dental prophylaxis, CERMA, London, 2000, 143 p.

In the case of translations: the author's name and surname (in lower case), the title of the work, the translation references and translator (s) according to the title page, the publishing house, the place of appearance, the year of appearance, the number of pages.

Example: Hegel Georg, Principles of professional ethics, translation by Virgil Bogdan and Constantin Floru, Academica, Bucharest, 1979, 235 p.

In the case of the studies published in the journals: the author's name and surname (in lower case), the full title of the study (in quotation marks ""), the name of the journal, the volume, the number, the year of publication, the pages between which the study is located.

Example: Lupan Ion, Spina Aurelia, Spina Iurie “The oral health program for children with disabilities and educational requirements especially for the years 2012-2014: opportunities and prospects for achievement”, Dental Medicine, Nr.4 (25) / 2012, pp. 7-14.

In case of reviews: the name and surname of the author of the review (in lowercase), followed by the mention [review of / review of], the name and surname of the reviewed author (in lowercase), the title of the reviewed work, the publishing house, the place of appearance, the year of appearance, followed by the mention [In:], then the name of the magazine in which the review appeared, the volume, the number, the year of publication, the pages between which the review is.

Example: Jaume Lucien, review of Luc Foisneau, Hobbes and the Almighty of God, PUF, Paris, 2000, In: French Medical Science Review, vol. 51, no. 1-2, 2001, pp. 306-310.

In the case of web pages: the full address of the page, followed by the date of access.

Example:, accessed on 27.09.2012.

Corresponding author: Author's first name, contact telephone number, e-mail, address of the institution where he / she activates, other useful information. The coordinates of the author with whom the correspondence regarding possible modifications of the work will be indicated.


- Papers that do not contain the bibliography chapter will not be accepted for publication.

- Papers will not be accepted for publication in which no reference is made in the text to each bibliographic source included in the bibliography chapter.

- In the text, the citation of the bibliographic sources is made only by mentioning in square brackets the order number. Example: [1, 2, ..., n], in ascending order.




The authors bear full responsibility for the accuracy of the calculations, the experimental data and the scientific interpretations, as well as for the correctness of the writing in English.

Each article will be presented in print and electronic form and will be accompanied by 2 reviews (one review on the scientific content of the paper and another review on the technical writing of the paper) signed by the members of the editorial board.

Articles that do not meet the mentioned requirements will be returned to the authors for the necessary changes.

The papers will be sent

On the adress:

Further information tel / fax: +373 22 / 243-549,